The NHLBI's DataSTAGE is developing innovative computing solutions to meet the needs of the NHLBI and our research community, building on the cloud-based infrastructure of the NIH STRIDES. NHLBI's DataSTAGE is a cloud-based platform, or technical framework, for tools, applications, and workflows. DataSTAGE provides secure workspaces to share, store, cross-link, and compute large sets of data generated from biomedical and behavioral research.

DataSTAGE will:

  • Allow HLBS researchers to find, search, access, share, store, crosslink, and compute on large scale data sets.
  • Be a cloud-based commons that democratizes data and compute access while ensuring the appropriate data security.
  • Accelerate efficient biomedical research and maximize community engagement, productivity, and discovery.

DataSTAGE Services

The DataSTAGE supports access to all of the following services.

Accelerate discovery with data search and collaborative genomic analytics.

Browse available data and conduct genomic analysis and visualization.

Advanced genomic analysis and the ability to search across multiple studies.

Select from a collection of high-quality Docker-based research tools.

Conduct deep learning analysis on data of interest.

Explore data with interactive search and visualizations for feasibility assessment.



Following initial design principles developed by team Calcium plus